Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fuffy Stuff, etc.

I couldn’t post yesterday because our internet was down for over 24 hours. Here’s what you missed:

Does anyone know what this is a picture of? I’m about to tell you . . . but let me start at the beginning:

On Saturday, my 2 year old, who is learning to use the potty, was running around naked. He peed on the couch cushion. This particular cushion has been peed on numerous times and vomited on an equal number of times so the cover has gone through many, many washings in the last couple years. When I took the cover out of the washer on Saturday afternoon, I discovered that the zipper was no longer attached. This was no surprise as it was barely attached prior to washing -- I was keeping it attached to the cushion with safety pins.

I showed it to my husband and asked, “What should we do?” What I really meant by that question was: ‘should we just get a new cushion or a new couch?’ Obviously he was not picking up on my mental telepathy because he asked, “Can’t you just sew it?” Since the only sewing I do is with Stitch Witchery, I said that this was not going to be an option. His idea was to ask a woman at church to sew it for us and she graciously agreed. I’m sure this is a much cheaper option than my idea.

That brings me to the Fluffy Stuff. The cushion itself is covered in batting. My little dog, Molly, loves to scratch away at it (which is why the photo shows the cushion on the chair and not on the floor where Molly can scratch at it.) Apparently it holds appeal for my boys as well. To a 4 year old, the batting must look like something, that when pulled off the cushion, can be easily maneuvered by toy garbage trucks (note the garbage truck in the photo). I am still finding batting in various places around the house, especially in the cargo area of all the toy trucks. I hope to get the cushion cover back SOON before the cushion is completely destroyed!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I got a confession about the broken windshield. As I shared the details with my neighbors (as everyone was concerned about what we though was vandalism), my one neighbor said, “Hmmm, that doesn’t add up. I think my son might be involved.” Sure enough, I got a second confession last night from my neighbor’s son, who filled in some holes in the original story. Long story short: there were 2 boys and several rocks involved and both boys are going to pay the deductible.

My husband walked into the kitchen last night and found our 2 year old son on all fours, licking up spilled milk. I guess he thinks he is a dog.

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