Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My neighbor's grandson (as you have probably guessed by now, I have a lot of neighbors) came over this afternoon with his father and confessed to breaking the windshield! They did not introduce themselves but they did offer to pay for the damages. I explained that the windshield was just repaired and that my deductible was $100. The father said he would drop off a check in the next week. (He did not give me his name or contact information and I have never seen him before so I am hoping he will follow-through. I'm sure he will. Why else would he make the effort to come over if he didn't intend to follow-through?)

I asked how it got broken and the kid (he is about 14) said that he was "skipping stones down the alley" and one hit my car. I find this HIGHLY unlikely, based on the way the glass was smashed. (If driving down the turnpike at 60mph and getting hit by a rock doesn't break a windshield, how would "skipping" a rock break one? Also, who "skips rocks" down alleys? Don't you associate "rock skipping" with water?) I am still holding to the skateboard theory. Except maybe he was trying some skateboard trick and the skateboard went awry and hit the car?

Anyway, I am happy to report that it was an accident and not petty vandalism. And I'm relieved to know that there are still parents out there who make their kids accountable for their actions.

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