Thursday, September 13, 2007

All is well . . .

Today was a fairly quiet day, despite the kids being home from school for Rosh Hashanah. I could tell you about our trip to the periodontist but that would probably bore you to tears so I will relate an incident that happened last month since my children (surprisingly) have left me with little to write about for today.

August 9, 2007

Our 10th wedding anniversary! I was really looking forward to this day. We were planning to go to our favorite "fancy" restaurant, Gilmore's for dinner. My friend Jeannine was going to babysit for us; I bought a new dress for the occasion; I got our wedding video burned to DVD as a surprise gift for my husband; and I was just really excited about being happily married for 10 years, knowing that many people don't make it that far.

The day was fairly standard: kids, toys, snacks, naps, etc. Around 4pm I started getting ready for our celebratory date (dinner reservations were for 6:30pm). As I was getting out of the shower I had a great idea: I decided that I would create a matching game for us to play at dinner. I had a list of all the places we had dined to celebrate all of our anniversaries and I planned to list them alphabetically on one side of the paper and list the years chronologically on the other side so that we could try and match each year with the restaurant we dined in to celebrate each anniversary.

So I went down to the computer (wearing one towel on my body and another wrapped around my head) to create the game.
In the midst of typing, I heard a small voice calling, "Turn off the water! Turn off the water!" I told my 6 year old to go up to the bathroom and help her brother turn off the faucet. She came down and told me that it was stuck and she couldn't turn it off. There was no urgency in her tone so I figured I'd finish typing the list and then go up and turn it off. But just then the small voice became frantic and my 6 year old revealed to me that the water was flowing out of the sink onto the floor! You would think she would have reported this to me as soon as she came downstairs. But no. So I ran upstairs and indeed, there was water ALL OVER the bathroom floor and it was flowing down the pipe underneath the sink and was also pooling underneath the clawfoot tub. So I turned off the water, opened the sink drain and grabbed a few towels to try and mop up the worst of the mess. (As I mentioned before, we live in an old house. Thus, there are lots of gaps and cracks and one of these gaps happened to be around the pipe that runs from the sink and into the floor. Needless to say, LOTS of water was flowing down the pipe and through the gap and beneath the floor boards.) I spent a couple minutes cleaning up and then went downstairs to finish-up at the computer. As I was going down the steps, my oldest daughter started yelling that water was coming down through the dining room ceiling (which, as you probably figured out, is directly below the bathroom). I ran into the dining room in a panic and yes, there was LOTS of water coming through the ceiling. (Remember, I am still just wearing a towel). So I climbed up onto the sideboard, trying to keep the towel around me so that I wouldn't end up flashing our next door neighbors (hi, Kerpers!) and I pulled the towel off my head so that I could try to stop the flow of water from the ceiling. (I have attached a picture of the sideboard so that you can visualize how close I am to the windows so you will know why it would be problematic if the towel fell off.) If you have ever tried to stand on a piece of 100 year old furniture, hold a towel around your body, reach up high and stop water flowing from the ceiling, all while trying not to drop the towel around your body, you will know that this is no easy task. Meanwhile, all I could think about was my hair, knowing it was beginning to frizz and knowing that I couldn't get to it until I stopped the flood. I persisted for a few mintues more and decided to give up when the towel I was holding was saturated. By this time, my kids had busied themselves with collecting various bowls and pots and placing them beneath the flow of water so I decide to get down and take care of my unruly hair which was probably frizzed beyond repair in the humid weather while I attended to the flood.

I rushed to finish getting ready and complete my matching game on the computer and finished just in time for my husband to arrive home for our date. We left the children in Jeannine's capable hands and walked into town for dinner. I must say that I had THE BEST meal of my LIFE that night at Gilmore's. A fire-roasted tomato stuffed with calamatra olives, almonds, peppers and goat cheese; coconut-crusted butterfish; and a coconut creme tart with carmalized bananas on top of a chocolate-macadamia nut crust. SOOOOO yummy. Add a couple glasses of wine and I had all but forgotten the flood.

Until we walked out of the restaurant. As we opened the door, we were nearly run over by a young couple rushing into the restaurant. They were SOAKED to the skin. Absolutely drenched. Apparently it was raining HARD and we did not have umbrellas. I don't mind walking in the rain. (And in fact, every time --for the past 8 times-- we have hired a sitter and walked into town for dinner it has rained. I kid you not.) But I was not about to ruin my new dress (Lily Pulitzer!) so my husband volunteerd to go home and get the car and come back for me. I waited patiently for him to return, chatting to the other patrons who were coming/going. After a few minutes, my cell phone rang. My friend/sitter called to tell me that she, not my husband, would be coming to get me because even though he ran all the way home he was completely soaked. (I was pretty happy that it was him, and not me!) So Jeannine came by and picked me up and took me home. Once at home, I changed (because I was a tiny bit wet) and said goodnight to the kiddies (who were already in bed but not sleeping). I cuddled up on the couch with my husband, ready to relive our wedding and all the memories that would come to mind as we watched the DVD that I had given him as an anniversary gift. I was feeling pretty good about coming up with such a thoughtful gift. (I used to be good at coming up with clever gifts but now that I have 4 kids, I cannot seem to think of anything clever. Ever.) So we put the DVD in . . . and it wouldn't work. Something (obviously) went wrong during the conversion and it just wouldn't play. Just our luck.

However, despite a flood, a downpour and a defunct DVD, I was still thrilled to be celebrating 10 happy years of marriage and hope that we'll be able to celebrate another 10. And another after that. And another. I just hope that I don't give birth to 4 kids for every decade that we are married.

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suzanneu said...

Oh this is funny! Rachel, you have the makings of being a good humorist!